It’s National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month, an annual awareness campaign that encourages us to learn about nutrition, develop healthy eating habits and discover the fun of being physically active. At Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, we strive to provide everyone in Orange County with the nutrition they need to grow and excel in life.Eating nutritious food is at the heart of the human experience. Our ancestors had the ingenuity to take up agriculture and put our species on the road to growth and success. But not everyone has access to food, even those who need it most. Nearly three in four children receiving CalFresh are 12 years of age or younger. Data shows that there is a relationship between a family’s food security and the assurance of a healthy life. Households with food insecurity are more likely to experience reduced diet quality, anxiety about their food supply, increased use of emergency food sources, other coping behaviors and hunger. (Source: Conditions of Children in Orange County 26th Ed.)

“By helping everyone to have consistent access to healthy food, we could lift thousands, and by doing so we prepare our entire community for success in school, work and life. Improved health and educational outcomes have a direct link to economic mobility as young people have more opportunity to choose college, career or technical education, and those already in the workforce grow on their path to increase productivity and stability." —DAREEN ABDRABOU KHATIB*

*Dareen Khatib is the administrator of health and wellness at the Orange County Department of Education. She is also a member of SHFB Board of Directors and Chair of our Nutrition Advisory Council.