We’re Completing the Cold Chain

Last spring, here at Second Harvest we completely revamped our focus to proactively purchase fresh nutrition for those in need, ensuring a steady pipeline of protein, dairy, eggs, fruits and vegetables to our approximately 300 partner and program sites. As a next step, we recently unveiled our new, 6,200-square-foot cold storage facility and two additional cold docks that establish a “cold chain” at our distribution center in Irvine. This gives us a total of 14,550 square feet of cold storage, which greatly enhances our ability to source and distribute more nutritious food.As part of our promise to support our distribution network in their ability to provide fresh and nutritious food to the community, we’ve helped to ensure that they have the capacity to receive this fresh nutrition and store it until it is distributed.

For example, we have equipped the Vietnamese American Cancer Foundation in Fountain Valley with a 2-door commercial refrigerator. This means that food arriving at the food bank will stay in a temperature-controlled environment between 37–38°F that maintains optimal conditions to ensure freshness throughout its entire journey into the hands of those in need.

Second Harvest is dedicated to continually improving our networks. Aside from increasing our food supply and cold storage facilities, we’re actively working to expand our transport and logistics efficiency. We’re grateful for the support we’ve received from the community and our growing list of partners and affiliates. With your help, we can end hunger in Orange County and create a healthier world for all of us.