Our 40 Year Evolution

We don’t “celebrate” that there has been a need for the Food Bank for 40 years, but we do celebrate the people who have made our work possible, the milestones that we have achieved and the impact that Second Harvest has had on the Orange County community for four decades.

To commemorate our Food Bank’s 40th year of service and to reflect on the hope and dignity Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County has been providing for 40 years in Orange County, we’ve produced a mini documentary – Nourishing Hope: The Story of a Food Bank.

Dedicated to Mark Wetterau, Chairman and CEO of Golden State Foods and Second Harvest Board Member, Board Chair and Capital Campaign Chair from 2005-2012, this mini documentary features interviews from individuals who have made our work possible for the last 40 years, a behind-the-scenes look at
how the food bank works, stories from our neighbors we serve and more.

Although the Food Bank has always strived to feed hungry people, our mission has evolved over the last four decades. When we started out in 1983, we did everything we could to get food into the hands of hungry people. Today, rather than simply feeding people, we are focused on sourcing and providing healthy, nutrient-rich food. In addition, we focus on providing food to our neighbors in the most dignified way possible. Along with our partners, we work to make our neighbors’ experience at food distributions respectable and pleasant.  

As we look back on our history and accomplishments, it is important that we also look ahead and continue our work to create a foundation for community health.

Help us work toward our vision of an Orange County with food and nutritional security for all by supporting our mission of providing dignified, equitable and consistent access to nutritious food.

Without you we simply would not be here, and we will be here as long as Orange County needs us to be, thanks to all of you!

We hope you enjoy ‘Nourishing Hope: The Story of a Food Bank’ and share it with your friends, family and loved ones.

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