As thousands of young adults bid farewell to summer and hello to the rigors of a new college year, they arrive prepared with books, binders and big goals for a successful year. Unfortunately, too many of them also arrive hungry. Read More
  • Six Months In: Reflections from our CEO

    “Starting at Second Harvest just before the pandemic and now having the honor of serving as CEO, I am so proud of how much our organization has accomplished in the relatively short time I’ve been here. It’s been amazing... Read More
  • Eat Your Way Toward Happiness

    Did you realize that eating certain types of food can make you happier? Everyone knows that eating nutritious food can make you healthier, but it turns out that this same food directly impacts our brain structure, functions and mood. Read More
  • It’s National Nutrition Month

    March is National Nutrition Month, an annual awareness campaign that encourages us to learn about nutrition, develop healthy eating habits and discover the fun of being physically active. At Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, we strive to provide everyone in Orange County with the nutrition they need to grow and excel in life. Read More
  • We’re Completing the Cold Chain

    Last spring, here at Second Harvest we completely revamped our focus to proactively purchase fresh nutrition for those in need, ensuring a steady pipeline of protein, dairy, eggs, fruits and vegetables to our approximately 300 partner and program sites. All that fresh fare requires the right refrigeration, and we’ve created a cold chain ensuring peak freshness along the journey into the hands of those in need. Read More
  • “It’s Like Including Family in Our Charitable Giving.”

    What keeps long-time volunteer Jill Wilson connected with Second Harvest? She knows her contributions matter and she feels a deep sense of commitment to helping ensure all are well fed for years to come. Read More
  • Introducing Harvest Solutions Farm

    The launch of the Harvest Solutions Farm and the ability to deliver our locally grown produce is a great way to help ensure all are well fed in Orange County. Watch Video
  • Working Families Struggle in Orange County

    The modest income of a commercial baker combined with the high cost of living in Orange County have put undue financial strain on his family. What started as challenging become unbearable once the pandemic hit. Watch Video
  • Senior Hunger in Orange County

    Rosa is 70 years old and lives on a fixed income. Medical bills and the high cost of living in Orange County make it difficult for her to afford enough food. Adding to her challenges, once the pandemic hit Rosa was no longer able to go out to the pantries that offer food assistance. Watch Video