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Food Stamp Challenge, Day 4

by Terry Notko

Yesterday was by far the easiest of all my Food Stamp challenge days as of yet. My secret: Eating more for lunch! However, last night was trying for me because I normally take dance lessons on Thursday nights, and dashboard dine for dinner, so I get there on time. But last night I wasn't able to do that, so I had to make myself a sandwich at home, eat it in the car and then rush to class.

When I got home from dancing, I was hungry again and finished the day off with a hard boil egg, piece of bread along with a cup of tea.

Breakfast: rice cereal, skim milk and a banana with tea.

Lunch: two chicken legs, a can of peas, and hard boil egg.

Dinner: Sandwich in the car.

Remember I still have $13.93 with less than 3 days to go!! If I have any money left over, I hope to give it to a homeless person.

This has been a very interesting week being on a food stamp budget. Thinking about what it would have been like if my children were still kids, I realized it would be a real struggle trying to pay my bills, gas and feed my 5 children and wife, in addition to myself. For those who do have to worry about all of these things, on top of feeding themselves, show true strength and I admire them for that.


  • OMGoodness! What an admirable undertaking... It is individuals like you who enthuse those around you, whether in the work place or personal life. Thank you for the gateway to understanding a different way to have empathy for those individuals who struggle daily with things I take for my next meal. Blessings, Jeanne

    Posted by Jeanne Danning | April 08, 2011 at 01:22 PM

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