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Food Stamp Challenge, Last 2 Days

by Terry Notko

Saturday was a pretty easy day because the whole day was planned for me. However, I started the day with generic rice cereal and skim milk with the last ½ banana. At noon I came to the Food Bank for our Annual Appreciation Volunteer Luncheon. The lunch catered in and I stuck with the cooked vegetables, salad, and one kabob with chicken.

In the evening, I went to a dinner gathering of friends from our dance group. Much of the conversation was about the food stamp challenge and how I was about to finish on Sunday. Naturally the conversation was around the dinner table of which there was way more than enough to eat. I found myself eating a small portion rather than filling my plate. So I wouldn’t feel real guilty I ate more salad, had one piece of garlic bread, and a small portion of lasagna. Had a bite of chocolate cheese cake and called it night on food.

Sunday was back to normal but with a little twist. I still had 3 eggs leftover so I had fried eggs, with toast for breakfast. Never had lunch as I was busy, and last night ate the last chicken leg, with salad. Went to bed hungry but thought I would make up for kind over eating on Saturday. Never went to the store so I finished with the $13.93.

Last night as I was watching the news this weeks story has been about the gentlemen Bryon Stow who was beat up at the Dodger game for wearing a Giants jersey to opening day.  Being a native Chicagoan I thought about all those times I went to Dodger stadium with my Chicago Cubs jersey and thought that could have been me. Yes I am a die heart Cub fan. He still lays in a coma, and today the Dodgers are collecting donations for his medical expenses so I am going to donate my $13.93 to him.


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