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Food Bank Basics

Food Bank Basics

When you donate to Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County, you take a powerful stand in the fight against hunger. We serve charity organizations, who in turn, feed more than 200,000 hungry people in Orange County every month. Here is how it works:

Food & Funds

More than 90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to hunger-relief programs. The majority of our food is donated through restaurants, grocery stores, food manufacturers, growers and packers, our Incredible Edible Farm, Feeding America, the USDA, and corporate and individual food drives.



Our volunteers sort and label donated food and check everything for quality and safety. We had more than 15,000 volunteers last year, and welcome individuals and groups.



The Warehouse

After our food is checked for safety it is put into our inventory system and is available to our non-profit partners either by coming into our warehouse or by ordering on-line. Organzations can either pick-up their products or have their order delivered directly to their location. 

Partner Organizations & Programs

Through a network of 340 member charities distributing food at 480 locations Second Harvest alleviates food insecurity for more than 200,000 individuals in Orange County each month. Our member agencies are non-profit organizations such as shelters, churches, homes for battered and abused women and children and local pantries. As a vital link between the food industry and agencies that feed those at-risk of hunger, Second Harvest Food Bank has distributed more than 329 million pounds of food to the hungry in Orange County.  




It is currently estimated that 12.7% of Orange County residents or nearly 400,000 people struggle with hunger in Orange County. Children and seniors make up 50% of those in need of food assistance. Families who once were able to contribute to their community are now finding themselves out of work for extended periods of time and in need of a hand up to make ends meet. Others who are working for a much lower salary and have to choose between paying the rent and putting food on the table can now turn to their local pantry for food assistance.



Hungry? Find Food

Second Harvest Food Bank works with partner agencies to distribute food throughout Orange County. Find an agency near you that can help.

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