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How to Run a Food Drive

How to Run a Food Drive

1. Select the dates of your drive.
We suggest holding it for 2 weeks or longer, so that people have time to bring their items in. No matter what length of time you choose, plan on getting items in after your publicized deadline.

2. Make some noise!
Publicity is the key to a successful drive. Spread the word to as many people as possible and don’t be shy about reminding them. Don’t just rely on the printed materials to publicize your drive. Send out an email or a voice mail. People like to be informed about ways they can help. When they find out how easy it is and what an impact it will make, they will jump at the chance to participate!

3. Distribute printed publicity materials.
Print the contact name, address, phone number and drop off point on the posters and fliers and photocopy as many as you need. Recruit friends, family or colleagues to help you distribute the materials to the group who will be participating in the drive. Deliver them to people and keep them displayed in public areas such as the front desk, break room, kitchen, announcement board, classroom, and lounge or neighborhood community center. Make this step a fun activity for your group and the drive will be a great experience for everyone.

4. Set up the drop-off point.
Make sure the drop-off point is easily accessible. Announce its presence by putting up “Drop-Off Point” posters on the door, window or wall nearby. Secure another poster to the box or bin that you are using to collect food. Place the box or the bin where people can see it, but is relatively protected from weather.

5. Collect, Collect, Collect!
The hard part is over and now it is time for you to sit back and watch your group come together to support the needs of the hungry in your community. When the food drive is over, deliver the food to Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County. If you are unable to deliver them please call 949-653-2900 and we will schedule a pickup for you.

Your food drive can help us most by collecting the food in boxes and containers you supply and then delivering the food to the Food Bank. If the quantity of food is less than 300 pounds, please arrange for it to be dropped off at our warehouse: 8014 Marine Way, Irvine, CA 92618.

If the quantity of food collected is over 300 pounds and you are unable to deliver it to our warehouse, please call 949-653-2900 to schedule a pickup, pending driver availability. If possible plan ahead and schedule your pickup at least two weeks in advance.

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Hungry? Find Food

Second Harvest Food Bank works with partner agencies to distribute food throughout Orange County. Find an agency near you that can help.

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