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Morning Shopping Appointments Now Available!

In an effort to provide all our agencies an equal opportunity to get some of our high demand products, Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County is happy to announce a new appointment system for morning shopping. The new system will allow all our agencies access to the product selection area when it is most abundant, usually in the morning. Agencies with appointments will not have to wait, and the product selection area will not be crowded- allowing each agency to pick out products from the food bank with ease, and in a comfortable environment.

Best of all, the new appointment system is available online! Agencies can place appointments in real-time 24/7. You will receive automatic confirmation emails after you reserve your appointment, as well as a reminder email the day before your appointment.

If you need to cancel your appointment, you can do so through the appointment system as well. That appointment then becomes available to any agency in real time.

Appointment shopping is available from 8am until 12noon Monday through Friday. Agencies can make a maximum of two morning shopping appointments per week, but they cannot be at the same time. Agencies are still free to come into the warehouse anytime after noon on a first come, first serve basis, as often as they wish.

For example, you can make an appointment for Monday at 8am, and Wednesday at 9am, and still come in to get products, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday after noon.

Appointment times are reserved for 30 minutes of warehouse time. You will then have an additional 30 minutes to check out and load your vehicle, for a total of one hour.

Appointment shopping will begin December 5th, 2011.
Agencies will not be able to come into our product selection area after that date without an appointment before noon.

The online appointment center is live! So jump on and make your appointment!

Click here to make your appointments!

We appreciate all our partner agencies in helping to fight hunger in Orange County, and we hope you join us in welcoming this new system that is sure to provide all our agencies with an equal chance to get the products they want to provide their community.

Your Partner In Hunger Relief,

Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County

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