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Staff Directory

Agency Relations
Kelly King, Agency Relations Manager (Ext. 168)
Amber Mazmanian, Agency Program Coodinator (Ext. 137)
Christina Wood, Agency Services Administrator (Ext. 167)

Programs & Policy
Bob Wright, Programs & Policy Manager (Ext. 163)
Starlite Ossiginac, Assistant Programs Manager (Ext. 164)
Lucy Mejia, Program Services Coordinator (Ext. 155)
Ellie Nedry, Child Nutrition Coordinator (Ext. 162)
Alex Pitz, Program Outreach Coordinator (Ext. 133)
Jenny De Haro, Program Outreach Coordinator (Ext. 142)

Fundraising & Food Acquisition

Amira Barger, Director of Development (Ext. 149)
Drew Woodward, Grant Writer (Ext. 130)
Ericka Arambula, Development Coordinator (Ext. 148)
Mitch Ossiginac, Database Coordinator (Ext. 129)

Product Resources
Lorina Smith, Food Procurement Coordinator (Ext. 139)
Gavin Couvrey-Jacobs, Food Drive Coordinator (Ext. 145)
Kristen Miller, Retail Donation Coordinator (Ext. 165)

David Fox, Operations Manager (Ext. 152)
Steven Knight, Assistant Operations Manager (Ext. 153)
Selene Creekpaum, Distribution Supervisor (Ext. 125)
Jack McElreath, Senior Document Coordinator (Ext. 151)
Sam Nhem, Dispatcher (Ext 135)

Christine Montevideo, Volunteerism Manager (Ext. 166)
Nick Ayo, Volunteer Coordinator (Ext. 169)
Andrea Case, Volunteer Coordinator (Ext. 136)
Sam Caruthers, Orange County Harvest Coordinator
Lauraleigh O'Meara, Volunteer Coordinator (Ext. 105)

Nicole Suydam, CEO (Ext. 111)
Juliette Macias, Executive Assistant to the CEO (Ext. 150)
Jerry Creekpaum, COO (Ext. 159)
Barbara Wartman, Director of Marketing & PR  (Ext. 146)
Joyce Foley, CFO (Ext. 122)
Jane Van Dyke, Director of Human Resources (Ext. 127)
Annette Birdsell, Accounts Receivable (Ext. 126)
Thuy Nguyen, Accounts Payable (Ext. 128)
David Gendreau, IT Director (Ext. 134)
Donna Hagan, Administrative Assit. (Ext. 100)

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